Safety Tips for People with Thatched Roofs in Their Yards

Valuable Thatching Tips for Contractors as well as Clients
15th June 2016

Insurance companies in South Africa view thatched roofs as a high risk. Many roofs today don’t conform to modern-day building regulations, although this is changing thankfully since the introduction of the introduction of a national standard SANS 10407: 2006, in the thatched roof industry.

It is because of this greater risk that we need to be aware of the safety measures required to safely enjoy our thatched roof homes and outdoor entertainment areas. We have compiled a list of safety tips for people with thatched roofs in their yards, as a way to help keep your family and property safer.

Safety guidelines for thatched roofs include:

  • Always keep an eye out for cables overhanging from the roof;
  • Inspect your smoke alarms, and make sure it is installed in the highest part of the roof;
  • Check all electrical systems regularly, and unplug all non-essential electrical equipment; and
  • Keep fire blankets inside the property, and be sure that everyone knows how to use it.

More Safety Tips for Homeowners with Thatched Roofs

Regularly check your roof for mice or other vermin infestations, as it can cause damage to electrical wires. Before lighting a fire in your yard, make sure to check the strength and direction of the wind. Keep in mind that wind direction can easily and quickly change direction, so ensure that its prevailing direction is always away from the house.

Keep in mind that even though you might not be planning a bonfire or open flame barbecue at your property anytime soon, fireworks and bonfires in the surrounding area can pose a risked to your thatched roof. The chances of a stray rocket or ember hitting your roof is slim, but it always pays to be extra vigilant.