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The Thatchers Association of South Africa was first established in 1996. The association became dormant for several years due to the lack of national standards for the thatched roof construction industry. However, as a national standard has been introduced, namely the SANS 10407 (THATCHED ROOF CONSTRUCTION), which regulates the industry, this provides the Thatchers Association with renewed purpose and reason.

Our vision has always been to become known and accepted as the national voice for the professional trade of thatched roofs in South Africa. We also strive to achieve international bargaining power for our members, while also manifesting competitiveness, skills and products. Let us help you connect with the best thatched roof construction professionals trading in the industry today. The Thatchers Association of South Africa is also a founding member of the International Thatching Society.


SA Thatchers Mission

Our mission remains to become a national representative along with an internationally accepted structure through the maintenance and practicing of standards of unmatched quality. These standards of supreme quality for all involved parties.

The objectives of the association include:

  • To provide status and give protection for the Thatchers Association and its members, as well as the trade;
  • To establish the Thatchers Association as a legal entity; and
  • To establish a system for queries, complaints, disputes and problem solving in order to support both the thatcher and the consumer.

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The Association will be known as the Thatchers Association of South Africa (here in after referred to as the Association)


To be known and accepted as the national voice of the professional Thatcher’s trade in South Africa.


To be nationally representative with an internationally accepted structure through the practicing and maintenance of standards of supreme quality .


To achieve this, the following goals are imperative:


  • To give status and provide protection for the Thatcher’s Association, its members and the trade.
  • To establish the Thatchers Association as a legal entity.
  • The establishment of regional committees to implement and effectuate guidelines as subscribed in the constitution.
  • To establish a system for complaints, queries, disputes and problem solving that will support the thatcher as well as the consumer.
  • Promote the use of natural as well as renewable resources.
  • To create awareness to users of the association and its advantages.
  • Awareness of fire protection and safety of thatched roofs.


  • Establish and exercise a code of ethics.
  • Establish and maintain minimum standards and requirements.
  • Promote interaction through marketing and socialising.
  • Establish and maintain a membership list.
  • Pro-active promotion programmes to enhance the image of the association.


  • High visibility for association and its members.
  • Highlighting poor workmanship and malpractice.
  • Marketing of the association and the trade in general in SA and overseas.
  • Awareness of the SANS 10407 specification and requirements.
  • Liaison with the NHBRC.
  • Awareness of skills and products of members.

Contact us to learn more about the association, and for expert advice and information regarding thatched roofs in South Africa.

The National Chairman’s Report
2017 – 2018 Financial Year


Administrative Expenses

The TASA website and e-mail address hosting was taken over by Inter Excel at a cost of R30-27 per month which is settled by debit order and Just Plain IT’s Website Maintenance Package which consists of Word Press updates and 3rd Party Plug-in Updates’ at a cost of R143-75 per month. Just Plain IT is paid by the Administrative Officer as well as the landline and Internet access amounting to R705 a month. Office equipment and maintenance is also not the responsibility of the TASA.

A decision was taken during the previous AGM that Membership fees should increase annually linked to the CPI rate. There was no membership fee increase between 2013 (R3 500) and 2018 (R5 000) when the new membership fee came into effect. This is why the increase that took effect in 2018 gave such a big leap. The Administrative Officer’s compensation and office rental have also been raised equal to the CPI of 6% – the first and only increase in ten year’s time.

The Administrative Officer suggested that membership fees and administrative expenses should not be increased for the 2020 financial year due to the current economic climate. There are members who have indicated that they will not be able to afford increased membership fees and will therefore not be able to renew their membership if membership fees are increased.

TASA’s International Thatching Society membership fees are still outstanding. They do not respond to our request to send us an account. If the ITS membership fees are again 210 Euro as it was in 2017, then we owe R3 334.67 times two for 2018 and 2019 There are enough funds to pay this also.


At the moment we have 26 bona-fide thatching contractors and 10 Associate members. Associate members usually do not renew their membership if results are not as expected. Membership list is attached.

What has been achieved over the past year?

Name registered: Thatchers Association of South Africa: NPC no. 2018/596739/08 Registered as a Nonprofit Organization with Tax Number: 949 732 4194 FICA registration is renewed

Accounts moved to First National Bank: Demand Deposit is a cheque account and 48 hour Cash Accelerator savings account with 6.90% interest. If we have under R100 000 balance we can move to the 32 Day notice at 6.95% interest per year.

Auditing firm appointed: Audit Solutions who will assist us with our Income Tax return next year.

What has been done to provide a better customer service?

The Pros & Cons in the Thatching Industry saw the light and together with our Guide to Thatch Construction in South Africa, we are able to provide more detailed information to contractors, the public, professionals, etc..

Our Facebook page, which is currently being followed by more than 1770 people and has 1753 “likes” become increasingly popular judging by inquiries received. Since February 2019 R1 167 was spent to boost articles with 67 803 people reached and 11 579 engagements. The TASA does not have an advertising budget. The Administrative Officer was remunerated with R493.32 and the remainder was for her own account

Articles and photos have been published on request in the “Editorial” of glossy magazines such as Timber IQ and Safari magazines.

What needs to be addressed?

During an interview with a representative of the NHBRC, the TASA was asked to provide a manual for their construction inspectors, which could also be made available to Insurance Inspectors. There is a need for training of NHBRC and Insurance companies’ inspectors.

The following steps to be taken to make the TASA a more important role player in the larger Industry

SAQA registration

Interviews were held with Mr. Lea Smith of the Plumbing Industry Registration Board / PIRB. Feedback is attached to this report.


The Construction Industry as a whole is currently experiencing a heavy burden. Clients take advantage of cheap options and shortcuts that end up costing them and endangering the Thatching Industry. Protecting our Industry and maintaining public and government trust, requires compliance with building regulations and specification requirements.

André Friis
20 July 2019

The National Chairman’s Report
2015 – 2016 Financial Year

It is with great pleasure that we can look back at the past ten years to reflect on what has been established during this period.

The significance of the number 10

In the Bible, the number 10 is used 242 times. The designation “10th” is used 79 times. Ten is also viewed as a complete and perfect number, as is 3, 7 and 12. It is made up of 4, the number of the physical creation, and 6, the number of man. As such, it signifies testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order.

FICA approval

Starting with no source documents, registration of TASA’s trademark, a handful of members, etc., we can now proudly say that the TASA really established itself as the mouthpiece of the Thatchers Industry in South Africa.

We can also confirm with satisfaction that TASA received FICA approval.  All source documents were accepted and approved by the Bank

SANS 10407

Not only did the TASA acquire representation on the SABS committees and participate in the creation of the specification requirements for thatching, it was also responsible for the establishment of the SANS 10407 (Thatched Roof Construction) specification which forms part of the National Building Regulations (SANS 10400).

Guide to Thatch Construction in South Africa

Then of course the TASA’s showpiece! – The “Guide to Thatch Construction in South Africa.”

This manual is the product of ten years of loyal support and input of our members and without the contributions of Messrs. John Smith of Biggarsberg Thatchers, Bruce Breedt of SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association), Abe Stears of SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) Kobus Strydom regarding the booklet “Good Thatching Practice”, we would have had difficulty in achieving this milestone.

Special mention must be made of Mr John Smith who took the initiative to initiate a Training manual which developed into the “Guide.”  It is now downloadable for free from the TASA’s website.

Appreciation is also extended to Me. Liesl Schoonraad who prepared the Guide for publication.

The TASA is complimented from various quarters with the professional, thorough and practical layout of the Guide.

31 Hardcover Guides in colour were printed to be handed over as a gift to our ten years members as well as the guests of honour. The Guide in PDF format were also sent to all stakeholders / institutions etc. and it is downloadable for free from the TASA website.

Membership of the International Thatching Society

The membership of the TASA and presentation of the International Thatching Society’s Congress during 2014 was a major milestone in the TASA’s existence. Proof that the Thatching Industry in South Africa can compete with the best in the world, was the awards presented by the ITS to Biggarsberg Thatchers (2014) and Recon Thatchers (2015) for the “Best Thatch Roof in the World”.

Membership of SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association
and Association member of The Wood Foundation)

The TASA and SAWPA exchange membership while the TASA is also

one of the eight Association members of the Wood Foundation.
The other Association members are:

  • logo3Forestry South Africa
  • Sawmilling South Africa
  • ITC
  • Southern African Institute of Forestry

It is recommended that our members visit these Associations’ websites where valuable information is found with respect to the larger Industry.

The TASA’s logo forms part of a month advertisement in the SA Forestry’s Desktop Calendar together with those of the SSA, FSA, SAWPA, SAUPA, ITC and PAMSA. This confirms that the TASA is recognized and forms part of the greater industry together with the other major role players.logo4

WoodEX for Africa

WoodEX for Africa is foremost a trade event in Africa focusing exclusively on the Timber Industry.Although the TASA does not  man a stall during the WoodEX for Africa show,TASA’s logo and information are published in the documentation of this show.

Cape Construction Expo

logo4The same applies to the Cape Construction Expo. The TASA is an Association member. When one click on the TASA’s logo which appears under the heading “Association Partners”, TASA’s information and link to our website open.

Articles and Advertisements

archsaArticles are amongst other things published in Trademax’s magazines as well as Master Builders’ magazine “SA Builder”. The TASA’s half page advertisement appeared in the Journal of the SA Institute of Architects.

TASA membership

Over the years an essential screening process occurred in respect of TASA membership. Today we can rightly say that the members currently on the TASA’s membership list is a team with which the TASA has built a solid foundation over the past ten years and can continue to do so.

It may be said that almost without exception no complaints have been received from our current members. Problems were sorted out before the customers found it necessary to report it to the TASA, or the complaint was immediately resolved to the customer’s satisfaction after the Administrative Officer contacted the member.


The TASA is now such a strong established Association  where strict selection regarding new membership can be applied to protect our current members and clients. Hence,  the TASA wants to express its special thanks to our members who were continuously members since the reviving of the TASA. During the 2016 Annual  General Meeting’s Awards ceremony, special recognition will be made by means of a “Ten Year” certificate and vehicle sticker.                                                           

Unauthorized use of TASA’s registered trademark

The membership list published on the TASA website is always kept up to date. Please report those contractors immediately that unlawfully abuse TASA’s registered trademark to the office of TASA. These contractors mislead the public and usually only after losses were suffered, the TASA is notified of the abuse.

Evidence of abuse such as pictures of vehicles with the TASA’s logo, advertising, quotations, etc. contribute much to the fact that the abuse can very soon be terminated.

The road ahead

The foundation is now laid and through the SANS 10407 and “Guide to Thatch Construction in South Africa”, we can now put shoulder to the wheel to build the Thatching Industry to be one of the most relevant and successful industries in South Africa.

Through the TASA’s website, Facebook page and articles, valuable information and photos are made available to the industry and public.

Within less than a week after the pictures of the Photo- and Project Competitions were published on Facebook, we had  more or less 2 200  views – even from abroad.

Sincere thanks are extended to those members who made contributions, but our other members are encouraged to send interesting information and photos to the TASA’s office for publication in authoritative/influential magazines.

The TASA has now at its disposal a formidable team who can and should send the Thatching Industry on a road to victory.

We trust that now, after ten years, that our members can proudly refer to their TASA membership.


Bertus Nieuwenhuis

National Chairman

National Chairman André Friss Letaba Thatchers  Gauteng 081 552 0490
National Vice Chairman Willie Coetzer  Top Poles & Thatch  Gauteng 083 765 9475
National Tresourer: Conrad Myburgh Thatch Co  Mpumalanga 083 259 3365
Executive member:  Bill Bragge Ronayne Thatch and Decking Services  Gauteng 082 415 3861
Executive member: Bertus Nieuwenhuis  Recon Thatchers OFS 082 558 8484
Administrative Officer: Elzabie Meintjes TASA 083 283 8429
TASA’s representative: John Smith SABS Committees 083 270 3826

Are you a serious thatcher looking to join the association?

Becoming a member of the South African Thatchers Association yields numerous benefits. It further establishes you as a trusted brand under the TASA. The benefits include:

  • Access to information to stay abreast of current industry changes in legislation and technology.
  • Assistance with training, legal requirements and certification.
  • Business opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

The process

Complete the membership form and ensure that you have read and signed the Code of Ethics section.

Send the completed form along with proof of payment of the membership fee. The application will then be reviewed by the national committee of approval.

Once you’re accepted and approved, a temporary membership number will be assigned to you. Your details will then be published on the TASA website and a link to your website will be established.

If there are no complaints received concerning your establishment during the 6 months trial period, you will be awarded full membership. You will be issued a membership certificate and you will be authorised to use the TASA’s registered trademark on your stationery and printing. You may also add the branding to your website as well.

*Bona fide thatching contractors pay an annual membership fee of R 4 000.

*General membership fee is R 2 000 per annum. Note that associate members have no voting rights but share in all the other benefits of membership.

Terms and Conditions

Membership Requirements and Conditions for Bona Fide Thatch Contractors

The integrity of the TASA must be protected to ensure the relevancy of the Association; therefore the following will apply to new applications for full membership:

Compulsory: SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) will do physical inspections of roofs of new applicants as well as members whose membership was cancelled. Membership will only be confirmed after SATAS approval is received.

New applicants may contact SATAS directly to arrange for inspection and are responsible for the costs thereof payable to SATAS.

Contact person:  Mr Abe Stears    Mobile: 083 632 3416   Email:stearsa@satas.co.za

Membership Requirements for Associate Membership

On receipt of the completed Application form for Associate membership, signed Code of Conduct and Ethics and proof of payment of the membership fees of R2 000, the applicant will receive a membership number. Contact information will be published on the TASA’s website and a link to the new member’s website will be established.  The new member shall also be entitled to use the TASA’s registered trademark on stationery and printing.

TASA Logo Guidelines

The Choice of a Thatch Roof Contractor

MS 78 3 Assessment Thatching Checklist Office

MS 78 4 Assessment Thatching Checklist Office

Any member of the public, a bona fide Thatcher or a member of the Thatcher’s Association of South Africa may lay a complaint in connection with bad building practices regarding grass or reed thatched roofs.

It is imperative that a complaint must be submitted in writing i.e. letter, fax or e-mail. Complaints must contain the following:

  1. The address of the construction site.
  2. If possible the contact information of the Contractor.
  3. The problem with the construction in accordance with the terms of the SANS 10407:2006 Edisie
  4. Specification
  5. Photos depicting the problem will assist

The Thatchers Association of South Africa will direct a letter to the contractor within two days (2)
on receiving the complaint. The name of the complainant will not be disclosed if so desired.

The contractor will be obliged to submit a written reply to the Thatchers Association within
Seven (7) calendar days on receipt of the letter.

The complaint and reply will be circulated to the national committee members anonymously. Their
reply in turn will reach the Chairman of the national committee for a final decision within seven
days (7) of receipt thereof.

If the problem is such that it cannot be resolved unambiguously, or with the consent of both parties based on the advise of the Chairman of the national committee, the complainant will be referred to the web page of the Thatchers Association of South Africa in order to select an independent consultant for advice.

Should the complainant select to make use of a consultant so obtained, this action will be at the cost of the complainant and the Thatchers Association of South Africa will not act as arbiter or be involved in any way.

The complainant will be requested to submit the outcome to the Thatchers Association of South Africa.

In order to maintain the integrity of member’s accreditation, it is essential to maintain the integrity of the official Thatchers Association’s logo. This can only be accomplished if the logo is used properly, taking care to avoid any unauthorized or inadvertent misuse. For this purpose, we have developed a set of guidelines to clearly demonstrate the do’s and don’ts related to the logo.

  • The Thatchers Association of South Africa’s logo remains the property of TASA, and only TASA is entitled to authorize the use of this logo by its members.
  • Once you obtain TASA’s authorisation, the logo is reserved for your exclusive use. You may not accept any remuneration from a third party for the use of this logo, regardless of the intended purpose.
  • The right to use the Thatchers Association of South Africa’s logo is granted for a fixed period of time. That is, for the current financial year ending on 28th February 2007. A member is entitled to use the logo during the next financial year only if his membership fee has been paid for the next financial year or installments have been made.
  • TASA permits the use of its logo to identify and promote the Association as well as its member’s activities.
  • The logo should never be portrayed as endorsing any specific product or service, but to promote the association as a whole and all of its members.
  • If usage guidelines are not followed, TASA reserves the right to withdraw any right to the use of its logo
  • The logo should not be altered in any way by stretching, skewing or cutting apart to change the size relationship. The logo must be scaled proportionally to maintain visual integrity.
  • Do not attempt to combine the logo with other art or logos.
  • The logo may not be used as a background element, part of a wallpaper background on a website or screened back behind type.
  • For readability and professionalism, do not use a low-resolution web version (jpeg file) of the logo in print. A high-resolution version (tif file) of the logo is available that will print clearly.
  • The logo may not be altered or be incorporated into another logo or design, particularly background patterns, animated gifs or bullets on a website.
  • The logo should not be cropped with a box of colour around it that is different than the background colour of the page.
  • The logo shall under no circumstances be used for any purpose than your stationary such as letterheads and business cards unless written authority has been granted by TASA. It should not be copied or duplicated in any way in any form or format and no alteration should be effected.